Portraits of Benvenuto Cellini" Monograph. Oleg Nasobin.

Benvenuto Cellini’s life milestones, (1500 - 1571), his oeuvres and heritages, have been thoroughly studied. However, the attributions of  his physical appearance remains an enigma. This common issue is well addressed by doctor John Pope-Hennessy in his tome “Benvenuto Cellini”: “We do not know what Benvenuto Cellini looked like in a fairly young age.”  

Our research has made it possible to establish how Benvenuto looked and moreover: now we dispose a set of his portraits in his different ages. 

The earliest depiction  shows the jeweler at this age between 25 and 30. Cellini is  a young master already famous for his skill. Benvenuto might have looked like this in 1527 when Rome was sieged. : 

The next portrait shows the sculptor around his forties. Benvenuto is  freed from the terrible prison, and begins his career in France: 

The portrait from Turin shows Benvenuto at the age of 45. Cellini had returned to Florence. In a few years’ time his “Perseus” would triumph:

Then we see Benvenuto presented as a philosopher at his 55-59. Cellini is battered by life but still strong in his spirit and body:

Finally, the Vasari fresco exposes an embattled elderly man with a whitish beard in the decline of his years, aged 63:

His other authentic portraits:




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